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  • McDSP MC2000 Multi-Band Compressor (Native) - Arda Suppliers
  • McDSP MC2000 Multi-Band Compressor (Native) - Arda Suppliers
  • McDSP MC2000 Multi-Band Compressor (Native) - Arda Suppliers
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Product Description

The MC2000 is a high-end multi-band compressor plug-in designed to emulate the sounds of vintage and modern compressors.

The MC2000 is three plug-ins:
  • MC202 - Two-band compression
  • MC303 - Three-band compression
  • MC404 - Four-band compression

The MC2000 gives the user complete control of multi-band dynamic compression. Common controls such as output (make-up gain), threshold, compression (ratio), attack, and release are provided. Non-standard Knee and BITE controls allow unique and unprecedented articulation of compression characteristics. Multiple peak detection circuit types provide flexibility only previously achieved by owning several compression units. Steep 24 dB/Oct crossover filters minimize signal leakage into adjacent compression bands.
Native v6 version: includes AAX Native, AU & VST3 formats.
  • Compression curve modeling
  • Multiple peak detection circuits
  • Adjustable crossover filters
  • Multi-band control linking
  • Analog Saturation Modeling
  • Double precision processing
  • Low Latency
  • Mono and stereo versions